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Nature/hippie/vintage/spiritual blog *Following back similar*


Nature/hippie/vintage/spiritual blog *Following back similar*

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Happy 420 my brethren ✊

PH: Nadia Ryder


PH: Nadia Ryder

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legolifesaver asked: If you were able to spend one week in the world of avatar, where would go, what would do, and who would hang out with?


i would spend at least a day or two with uncle iroh, drinking tea and talking… probably somewhere in the fire nation. i would spend the rest of my time hangin with the whole gaang. i would go to republic city! (i know it’s a different era, but maybe see how it’s all getting built) i spend the days hangin with the guys and the night probably getting in trouble, being with mai and flirting with katara.


This is an important moment in history.

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50 shades of grey dream cast

steve buscemi as christian grey

john travolta as anastasia steele

written and directed by quentin tarantino

soundtrack by seth rogen laughing throughout the whole film

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Walk out of the dressing room after getting bombarded with bullshit and the first thing someone asks me:

Them: So…Helaina… How’s that vagina?

Me: mine???

Them: no the one you like.

I was so close to just running off in tears.

I can’t remember the last time I felt so…

It’s people like you who make this world a much better place. Makes up for all the idiots lol.

Aww you’re a sweetheart :) haha. Thanks so much, I hope those fuckers shut up.

They did! They felt really bad and are now being surprisingly supportive! Peace has been restored to my theater department haha